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A rough rule of thumb is the Body Max Index (BMI), which is your weight as a proportion of your height. A safe BMI is in the range of 19 - 25. You can calculate your BMI as follows: BMI = weight in kg / height in m2 So, for me, I weight 60 kg (132 lb or 9 st 6) and I am 1.6m tall (about 5 ft 2). BMI = 63 kg / (1.6 x 1.6) BMI = 63 / 2.56 BMI = 24.6 (just in the safe zone) For someone who is 64 inches, that's 162cm or 1.62 m, so the weight should be between 50kg and 60kg (110 lb to 132 lb). HOWEVER - BMI is only a rough rule of thumb. If you're particularly muscular, your BMI maybe over 25, even though you are not overweight, as muscle weighs more than fat.

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Q: How much should a 64-inch 14 year old Caucasian male weigh?
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