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Rubbing alcohol is poisonous and should not be consumed in any amounts under any circumstances. Rubbing alcohol consists of mostly isopropanol alcohol and not the ethyl alcohol that people consume. This alcohol breaks down to acetone in the liver and can cause a wide range of symptoms including vomiting, headaches, dizziness, and can even cause a person to go into a coma.

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The best thing to do would be to have three glasses of wine at a party. If the party is short, drinbk them when you want, if it is long, space them out, but most importantly, DON'T HAVE ANY MORE THEN THREE.

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One bottle of beer has actually been found to have good qualities. One bottle can actually improve mental functions, but anything after that can lead to brain damage. Too much can lead to death.

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Drinking rubbing alcohol can kill you by destroying your organs. Don't do it.

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Rubbing alcohol is highly poisonous. It should never be consumed.

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Q: How much rubbing alcohol can one consume?
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How much alcohol can you consume in one hour?

3 beer

How much does 1 oz of rubbing alcohol weigh?

one ounce.

How is rubbing alcohol and vinegar different?

Rubbing alcohol has many uses one of these is for muscle aches and hot or feverish skin. Isopropyl one of alcohol constituents has gasoline elements which are harmful to humans if used or consumed.

What is the difference between grain alcohol and rubbing alcohol?

Difference In Grain and Rubbing AlcoholIf memory serves me correctly, grain alcohol is derived from the fermentation of various grains, with the most common being from corn, and it's safe to consume. On the other hand, rubbing alcohol contains isopropyl alcohol (which is a chemically made alcohol), and usually contains additional water and sometimes glycerine, and isn't intended to be substituted for either grain or wood alcohol. To drink it would make one very ill and may even be lethal, or cause blindness. In other words grain alcohol is not equal to rubbing alcohol. period.steph says no.

How much alcohol can one consume while on GM Diet?

Big No No..during GM diet....

How much alcohol can the average male consume and still drive a car?

There is no amount of alcohol one can drink and still SAFELY drive a car.

Is alcohol with seventy percent rubbing a substance or a mixture?

Rubbing alcohol is not a substance because it is not pure, it is a mixture of (more than 4) compounds, one of which is ethyl alcohol, among water, isopropyl alcohol and detergent (soap)

Can you swim in rubbing alcohol?

This seems to be one of those situations where the question shouldn't be can you, but should you. I'm sure it is possible to swim in rubbing alcohol but I do not belive it is a good idea.

Can one consume alcohol on Diamicron 30mg tablets?

If you have questions about alcohol consumption and your medication, it is best to consult with your doctor. Only your doctor can advise you if you can drink alcohol with your medications and if so, how much is allowed.

What is rubbing alcohol made out of?

Active Ingredients Ethyl Alcohol by Volume 70% Ingredients Denatonium Benzoate , Methyl Isobutyl Ketone , Water The ingredients will be listed on the bottle. There are two standard kinds of rubbing alcohol: (1) one made with isopropryl alcohol, which has a certain toxicity but is more pleasant or neutral smelling; and (2) one made with ethyl alcohol with an added denaturing agent to make it inedible. The ethyl alcohol (ethanol) variety has a bitter or sour or unpleasant smell, and is therefore much less popular than the isopropryl alcohol variety. This is why even though the pharmaceutical definition for "rubbing alcohol" is denatured ethyl alcohol, isopropryl alcohol is far more available commercially and is also labeled as "rubbing" alcohol. The uses of both varieties are the same, although isopropryl alcohol, because of its inherant toxicity, carries warnings about overuse and safe handling. According to Wikipedia.org1: Common, over the counter "Rubbing Alcohol" in pads or in fluid form is generally 60-70% solution of isopropanol in water. Although Isopropanol is sometimes sold as "Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol, 70%" and "Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol, 99%" (harder to find but generally more useful for experimenters & cleaning uses), there is no isopropyl alcohol in the United States Pharmacopeia formula for Rubbing alcohol, U.S.P.. It is used as a disinfectant, and is a common solvent.

What happens to your insides if you drink rubbing alcohol?

rubbing alcohol is not the same as any regular "grain" alcohol. rubbing alcohol is also known as "wood" alcohol and drinking it is a BAD IDEA. the isopropanol which is thus consumed will break down into acetone and cause severe stomach pain. eventually the poison may cause blindness and death. basically drinking rubbing alcohol is drinking poison.Actually "wood" alcohol is methyl alcohol (methanol), not isopropyl alcohol or propyl alcohol. Alcohols are modified hydrocarbons with one hydrogen (H) replaced with a hydroxyl group (OH):methyl alcohol, methanol - hydrocarbon methane; 1 carbon atom (wood alcohol)ethyl alcohol, ethanol - hydrocarbon ethane; 2 carbon atoms (grain alcohol)propyl alcohol, propanol - hydrocarbon propane; isopropyl alcohol, isopropanol - hydrocarbon isopropane; 3 carbon atoms (rubbing alcohol)butyl alcohol, butanol - hydrocarbon butane; isobutyl alcohol, isobutanol - hydrocarbon isobutane; etc.; 4 carbon atomsetc.The toxicity of the different alcohols varies, but only ethyl alcohol can really be considered safe to consume.

How much alcohol would one have to consume to not feel getting shot with a 9mm?

You would be passed out and thus not able to pull the trigger.