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If you are taking hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ), the diuretic, it may cause you to excrete potassium in the urine that must then be replaced in the diet to keep your blood levels normal.

Often doctors will suggest you include a high-potassium food each day, such as a banana or a glass of Orange Juice, or potatoes. If this does not keep your potassium blood level normal, then you may be prescribed a potassium supplement.

How much YOU need depends on YOUR blood test (because it depends on how much HCTZ you are on and what amount of potassium is normally present in your diet). Your doctor will adjust your potassium supplement based on monitored blood tests to keep your blood potassium level within normal range. You should not try to take an amount that you guess will work based on what someone else takes. This needs to be a prescription from your MD!

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Q: How much potassium gluconate should you take for low potassium levels due to Hydrochlorathiamide?
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Is Potassium citrate or Potassium gluconate better?

Potassium Citrate will affect both blood PH and calcium excretion via urine more than gluconate Potassium Citrate - C6H5K3O7 + H2O - is often the medicine of choice to make the urine more alkaline. This helps prevent the formation of certain kinds of kidney stones in this way - Potassium citrate attaches to calcium in the urine, preventing the formation of mineral crystals that can develop into kidney stones. In some cases, your health care professional may prescribe this medicine to balance the level of potassium in your body, for example, when the potassium level is low, etc. Potassium is a naturally occurring salt that is important for the normal functioning of the heart, muscles, and nerves. Potassium Gluconate - C6H5K3O7 - is often used to maintain acid-base balance, isotonicity, and electrophysiologic balance throughout body tissues. It is crucial to nerve impulse transmission and contraction of cardiac, skeletal, and smooth muscle. Potassium gluconate is also essential for normal renal function and carbohydrate metabolism. It is not known whether potassium passes into breast milk or if it could harm a nursing baby. This medication should not be taken without telling your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby.

Does antibiotics affect potassium?

Only some antibiotics can increase potassium in your body. Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim (Septra or Bactrim) and pentamidine have been known to increase potassium levels. If you are not taking either of those, your antibiotics should no effect on your potassium. If you are taking one of these drugs and your potassium levels are already high, you should contact your doctor and see if he or she wants to change your antibiotic to a different one.

What is the effect of antidiuretic hormone on potassium concentration and excretion?

Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) decreases the amount of sodium in your body and when ever sodium levels go down potassium levels go up (same is true for visa versa) so the amount of Potassium should increase when there is an increase in ADH.

What can you eat to lower your potassium?

Thank you for the correction. See link and article information below. ------ Correction: I'm not sure, metabolically you have correctly answered this. I'm not a doctor or anything even remotely close but what I can tell you is that sodium and potassium do cause reactions but not as stated above. Low sodium levels cause High potassium and High sodium Levels cause Low potassium. If a person has be diagnosed with HIGH potassium then greater than 5.0 mg then they should go to their doctor. There are many things that can contribute to high potassium so I would verify this first. here are some articles to back my information:

How to deal with high blood pressure and high potassium?

Many 'lite salt' products use a potassium salt instead of a sodium salt, and you are correct: your husband should not use these as his potassium levels could rise too high.

How much zinc gluconate should you take a day?

The RDI for zinc is 11-15mg (for male adults). For example, 10 mg of zinc gluconate contains 1,43 elemental zinc. Therefore, one should ingest 77 mg of zinc gluconate daily in order to meet their daily requirements (provided that one does not obtain zinc from other food sources).

What are the levels of potassium in humans?

Normal plasma level of potassium is 4.5 m osm/ litre. But the intracellular level of potassium is 150 m osm/ litre. You have double the stock of potassium in your body as compared to sodium. You do not have to take the supplement of potassium as every cell you eat has enough potassium in it, whether plant or animal.

If you have low levels of potassium should you consume a lot of Gatorade?

No, not unless your are planning on sweating alot. Gatorade has a great amount of sodium (salt) in it. A much better alternative would be bananas. bananas are FILLED with potassium. (dont binge though. You know, they do use potassium to put death row inmates to rest.) Another good source of potassium is sweet potatoes.

What part of your body does potassium effect?

Potassium is a major and important component of your body's minerals. There is a very long list of functions that are orchestrated by potassium, such as the heart's rhythm, nerve activity, collagen formation, production of elastin, acid balance, regulation of blood pressure, preservation of bone mass, and proper functioning of the lungs and kidneys. Generally, if you consume fresh vegetables, milk, fruits and fish you should be able to provide your body with an adequate amount of potassium. It is very important that the levels of potassium stay optimal as you can develop major health hazards when the levels fall or rise.

If taking 20meq potassium chl what amount should be taken after levels are normal?

Assuming that you are taking potassium related to a diagnosis of hyopkalemia then you need to continue to take the potassium until your Health Care Practitioner discontinues the medication or lowers it. He/She will probably order blood tests to measure the level of potassium in your blood and prescribe medication accordingly. Sudden drops in Potassium can actually be life threatening since it can cause heart irregularities.

Should you capitalize potassium?


Alchofa Diet Can Reduce Potassium Levels?

Alcachofa, which is an extract from the artichoke blossom is usually taken in liquid or capsule form to promote weight loss. Although side effects are few, the extract does have some of which dieters should be aware. Thirst is the most common side effect, but allergic reactions are also common for individuals who are allergic to substances such as ragweed, marigolds and dates. Alcachofa can reduce potassium levels, so individuals following this diet should take a supplement or eat foods rich in potassium. Some potassium-rich foods are: avocados, bananas, oranges, pears, melons, peanuts, spinach, potatoes, raisins, milk and yogurt.