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Generally speaking, you have two kidneys, but you need only one -- even though one is the major, the minor working one is sufficient.

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one only

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Q: How much of the kidney can be nonfuntinal to keep a person alive?
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Did Liam Payne have to have 32 injections to stay alive when he was younger?

Yes, he was born with severe brain cancer which caused kidney failure. Liam was born effectively dead and to keep him alive he had to have 32 injections. The cancer eventually went away, but he knows he only has one working kidney and is planning to have surgery in July or August to replace a kidney, which is a very risky procedure.

What are the advantages of kidney dialysis over kidney transplant?

There aren't really any advantages over a kidney transplant, as dialysis is used to keep patients alive while they wait for a transplant. Patients are always on the waiting list for a transplant, which shows that there isn't really any benefit.

Why doesnt a tree produce enough oxygen to keep a person alive?

Well, a tree does produce enough oxygen for a person to stay alive. A small tree, only like, 4 ft. tall couldn't keep somebody alive for long. But a big, regular sized tree could keep somebody alive for a long time. 3-4 people actually.

Are the kidney inferior to the lung?

If you mean lower in the body then yes, otherwise its hard to determine inferior, they both are necessary, and both do their own vital sort of work to keep you alive.

What was the tv show that had a living ship That was piloted by one person There also was a person that used protO BLOOD to keep him alive?


How long can a person with a life estate in a nursing long term keep the life estate?

As long as they are alive.

Who was born dead in one direction?

Liam Payne was born with a kidney ailment that left him nearly lifeless at birth. Doctors were able to keep him alive until the condition could be treated.

Why do you do mouth to mouth?

you have to dod mouth to mouth so that if a person is not breathing then you pass air through your mouth to the other person's lungs to keep them ALIVE

What percentage of Medicare and Medicade money is spent on the last few months of a life to keep a person alive?


How can a person keep homeosatsis?

homeosatsis is the regulation of internal environment so as to maintain steady fast of the body regulation. by the way a person can not maintain homeosatsis because is an involuntary action being perfomed by the kidney so a person can not control it

Is reproductive system of a person effects with only one kidney?

Having only one kidney typically does not directly affect the reproductive system of a person. However, certain underlying conditions that may have led to having one kidney could potentially impact fertility or pregnancy outcomes. It's a good idea to consult with a healthcare provider for personalized advice and monitoring.

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