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I think you mean neuroNtin. In that case, from personal experiences, 1 or 2 should do the trick. I'm a 180 lbs. male.

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Q: How much neurotin will get you high?
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what is the difference in lyrica and neurotin?

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Viagra is specially used to treat erectile dysfunction in male and viagra with neurotin it's really reacts.

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Can you mix Ambien and neurotin?

It is not listed as having dangerous interactions, however you should consult a doctor before mixing prescription medications.

What are the complications of taking Neurotin and Prednisone together?

Neurotin is generally taken for nervous delibility and weakness. It enhances sexual potency also of the user. Prednisone is generally prescribed for the uninterrupted cough in the patients. When taken together these two medicines complicate the body system and results in enhancing the sugar levels in the blood of the users. This may also adversely affect the brain functioning.

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