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Q: How much moisture does a person exhale in an 8 hour sleep?
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How much moisture does a person exhale during an eight-hour sleep?

How much moisture is lost from exhaling in a 24 hour period?

What is the abbreviation for at hour of sleep?


How long does Eight Hour Cream really last for?

Eight Hour Cream, made by Elizabeth Arden is said to provide protection and moisture for your skin for eight hours. But as with all claims made by companies it would vary from person to person.

Does the average person that stops smoking need 1 hour less sleep?

I heard that a smoker who quits only requires 1 hour of sleep a night from a site about unusual facts but i thinks this sounds like bull poop to me.

Do you loose an hour of sleep due to fall daylight savings?

Due to fall daylight saving time, we "gain" an extra hour of sleep as the clocks are set back by one hour. This means we have an additional hour to sleep on that day.

How much does a sleep tech make?

Sleep techs work by monitoring a person's sleep in a lab to find out the reasons why they might be having trouble sleeping. The average wage is $47,600 a year or $23.17 an hour.

How much water per hour do humans exhale?

About 400 mL of water per day

Do you gain or lose an hour of sleep in November daylight savings time?

You gain one hour .

On daylight saving time 2010 will you get an hour more to sleep or an hour less?

In daylight saving time 2010, you will lose an hour of sleep when the clocks are set forward one hour in the spring.

Left without any outside signaling how many hours will you sleep?

There is no set answer it varies from person to person and from situation to situation. Some variables include: time awake, amount of physical activity, stress of day, tranquility of dream and comfortability of sleeping position. A person can sleep forever (coma) or for only an hour, but on average, without being interrupted a person will sleep for 8-12 hours.

Does a person who gets 8 hours of sleep live longer than a person who doesn't?

Not necessarily - the 'eight hour sleep' is a myth. Every person is an individual - while one person might need 8 hours sleep each night, another might only sleep for 7.5 hours. I, myself only need just over 6 hours each night - and have had this sleeping pattern ever since I was a teenager (over 30 years ago !)

What is the three to four hour rest in the middle of the day for muslums?

Nothing , there is no provision like that, it is just a matter of choice ,a person can sleep whole day .