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450 mL

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Q: How much ml does 1 unit of blood contains according to Indian blood services?
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What contains blood?

BLOOD-blood contains cells

What percent American Indian do you have to be to claim American Indian reference college applications and things like that?

According to The Federal Indian Laws (c.1945) one drop of blood makes you an American Indian. According to some tribes, you need 1/8th "blood quantum" to claim your heritage. Some tribes have reverted to its origins, in that your culture determines any of these claims; IE: If you look like an indian, talk like an indian, but think like a white man - you are white.

What ventricle contains deoxygenated blood?

what ventricile contains deoxynated blood

The wall of the stomach contains blood and what?

The wall of the stomach contains blood vessels, nerves, connective tissue, and muscle layers. These components work together to regulate digestion and movement of food through the stomach.

What those blood do?

it contains oxygen so you can breathe and it contains blood cells

When was United Blood Services created?

United Blood Services was created in 1943.

What three things blood contains?

Blood contains four things: white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets and plasma.

Which number of the heart contains blood rich in oxygen?

The left side of the heart contains oxygen-rich blood. The right side of the heart contains deoxygenated blood.

What is the difference between blood group a and blood group b?

Blood type AA+= blood contains substance A and the rhesus (Rh) factorA-= blood contains substance A but does not contain the rhesus (Rh) factorBlood type BB+= blood contains substance B and the rhesus (Rh) factorB-= blood contains substance B but does not contain the rhesus (Rh) factor

How blood can be solid-liquid solution?

Blood contains liquid, like water, but it also contains cells, which contains proteins, which are solid.

What is the motto of Canadian Blood Services?

Canadian Blood Services's motto is 'It's in you to give'.

What is the budget of Canadian Blood Services?

The budget of Canadian Blood Services is 1,000,000,000 dollars.