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2 cc's

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2.1 ml

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Q: How much lidocaine to be used to reconstitute 1gm Rocephin?
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Is lidocaine used to pull a tooth?

i had a tooth pulled and was numbed with lidocaine they tryed to numb a nother tooth that was infected and it wouldn't numb so what i want to no is do they use lidocaine or novacaine to pull a tooth

What is rocefrin used for?

rocephin is cephlasporin antibiotic. Never heard of rocefrin.

Is rocephin used for MRSA?

No, rocephin is ineffective treating MRSA. Get wound culture to determine identity and sensitivities. usually treated with bactrim, minocycline, and if bad enough IV vancomycin.

Does lidocaine contain cocaine?

No, they are two different substances. Lidocaine was given the -caine ending only due to the anesthetic effect it shares with cocaine. However, sometimes cocaine is adulterated with lidocaine to increase the perceived potency of the product (due to lidocaine's numbing effects).

What is the mixture of lidocaine and prilocaine that is used for children?

This mixture is used as an anaesthetic.

Can lidocaine hydrochloride jelly be used on dogs?


When is lidocaine used intravenously?

When given intravenously, lidocaine is also an antiarrythmic agent, capable of correcting some ventricular arrythmias of the heart

Can you snort lidocaine?

The drug lidocaine is used as an anesthetic. It can be injected or used as a topical cream. It can not be snorted through the nose.

Is lidocaine jelly used for hemorrhoid?

Yes,It relive pain.

Who should not used the lidocaine patch?

Lidocaine may not be suitable for persons who have had a past reaction to any local anesthetic. Patients should discuss past adverse reactions to anesthetics with their physician before using the lidocaine patch

Why give lidocaine to a pt with asystole?

lidocaine would not be used to treat asystole. source: studying for my respiratory pharmacology final exam right now

What is the injection used to treat chlamydia that begins with an r?

Rocephin is an injection used to treat gonorrhea. Chlamydia is not treated with injections.