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Q: How much hCG per day post cycle?
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Can beta hcg test confirm on the ten day of embryo plantation?

Yes, by day 10 post implantation a beta hCG test is very reliable.

What can cause a post hysterectomy 53 yof to have high hcg levels?

Gtd or hcg producing tumors

How much is 125 IU of hCG daily?

IU stands for International Unit and is a standard unit of measurement. If you are doing HCG injections, follow the instructions given with the HCG injections to determine how to mix the HCG and load it in to the needle. If you are using homeopathic HCG drops to do the HCG diet, a dosage of 10 drops, 6 times a day (60 drops per day) is equivalent to a 125 IU dose of the injections. Homeopathic drops work best when given in small dosages frequently throughout the day.

How much weight will you lose on the hcg weight loss program?

The average weight loss while on an hcg weight loss program, is usually between 1 to 2lbs per day. At most 3lbs per day, and at the very least .5lbs per day.

Is there a health way to take steroid's?

Yes, but you must have a legit prescription, do not overdose and use post cycle therapy products like tamoxifen citrate, clomiphene citrate and hcg. And first always consult your doctor.

What happen if menstrual cycle not coming for a 2 months?

Better testing HCG

How much HCG drops is necessary?

In general, for a 30 day hcg diet you're going to want around 2oz. At the maximum dose, this should last you just about two days over your estimated timeframe.

Can you take too much hcg?

can you take to much hcg, I have broken out in a rash on m back and under my breast, could hcg have cause the allergic reaction in anyone else besides me.

What are the best HCG diet drops to take?

You can find a variety of hcg drops with their reviews Hcg ultra diet drops are rated the best. A 15 day supply is $75.

Can hcg and amberen be taken together?

I had the same question since I want to take HCG before the 3 months cycle is over. What scares me is that I had headaches from Amberen so far.

Does a faint line on 4 x home pregnancy tests which have not increased that much in darkness over 2 days indicate likely impending miscarriage due to low levels of HCG?

No - a faint line means there is not much HCG in your body. HCG levels double each day. A faint line means you are very early in your pregnancy. Retesting only one day later is not going to make much difference. If it is still faint in a weeks time, this means you are not increasing your HCG and your pregnancy will probably not continue. Hold off and try the test again in a couple of days.

Where can I find hcg injections online?

You can find hcg injections on the following site: They can be quite effective.