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Q: How much ecstasy does an addicted person take per day?
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What do you recommend for a person who hasn't tried Ecstasy?

take 2

How long does it take to become addictive to ecstasy?

The time necessary to become addicted to a drug varies with the individual and the frequency of use, along with the amount used.

What was Britney Spears addicted to?

She was allegedly addicted to cocaine and ecstasy. She would also take methamphetamines on occasion. She started with the cocaine early on in her career to keep her going with her busy schedule and keep her energy up while performing and then it spiralled out of control.

How much should a first time user of ecstasy take?


How many can you take before you over dose on ecstasy pills?

it all depends on you as a person.

How do illegal drugs change a person?

It completely depends on the person, what they are taking and how much of it they are taking. The majority of drug users take it every week and you will barely notice a single difference with them ( usually with easy drugs like marijuana and ecstasy ) Illegal drugs, like legal ones, can change a person usually through the person becoming addicted to a particular drug. Compare a person who has taken up drinking big time to someone who has taken up heroin big time and there is not much difference between the two.

Can you smoke ciggarete's if you took an ecstasy pill?

Yes. You can. But you can also get carried away with smoking too much, so if you are going to take ecstasy, be careful.

Can a person that goes to a rave and doesn't take ecstasy get second hand from sweat or osmosis from other people who take the drug?

No that is no possible.

How much of the drug ecstasy is enough for a good time?

This really depends on the person. On the body mass of a person, if the person is tall or big it may take more then one pills of "Extacy". It can also depend on the stacks the pill is, there is double, triple, and quad which is the strongest.

Is Xbox addictive?

Well you buy an xbox and find out i cant tell you its what the person thinks of it if you like playing and you always play then your addicted and if you dont really play it then your not addicted you retard it doesnt take a gay person to figure it out

Can you take ecstasy while on your period?

Whoever you are, you should not be taking ecstasy, no matter when.

Is it safe to take ecstasy with a history of ulcers?

There is no guaranteed way to take Ecstasy safely, with or without a history of ulcers.