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I own a company that places PICC lines in central Texas (PICC Associates of Central Texas) we have a full staff of certified Registered Nurses that place these lines in patients in rural hospital settings. The cost is approximately $700 and that includes our supplies and the serivces of the RN. Although, this sounds like a lot of $ in comparison to staying in the hospital it is nothing.

Dan Werlinger, CEO, PACT

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Q: How much does picc line insertion cost?
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For picc line insertion are there national standards for inr and platelet levels as a cut off for picc insertion?

There are guidelines published by British Committee for Standards in Haematology. It says PICC insertions do not require platelet support or correction of clotting prior to insertion/removal. See the table on page 7. Dr. D. Kejariwal

Is there a PICC line with an inflated balloon for placement?

There is not a PICC line with an inflated balloon for placement.

PICC requires heparinization how often?

PICC Line requires heparinization how often

How long do you have to wait to put in a PICC line after a blood culture?

As soon as you get the test results back from the culture you have the okay to insert the picc line.

Can you smoke marijuana with a picc line?

Yes. Keep your picc covered and make sure to wash your hands.

In what situations does a picc line have to be used?

A peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) can be used for blood sampling. The FDA has approved certain types of peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC line) for power injections.

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What is a PICC line?

A PICC line is a thin hallow tube, kind of like an IV line, that is placed near your elbow and threaded into a large vein that leads into your heart. PICC lines are used on people who need more some long term medicines or people, like me, who use it to get nutrition. PICC lines are inserted in radiology and do not hurt very much. PICC lines are not permant but can stay in for a decent amount of time, that time is based on your condition and your doctor. If you need a PICC line don't be scared. They don't hurt and if you treat it well and keep it sterile it won't get infected. BUT the biggest thing that you need to do is make sure not to get it wet, because then it will become infected.

Is there a icd-9 code for picc line placement?


If a patient has a PICC line in one arm and a mastectomy on the other side where do you draw blood from?

Why not use the PICC for the blood draw?