How much does pcp cost?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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10 dollard a dip lucky for my town it 150 a dip WERE DO YOU LIVE

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A gram of powdered PCP costs around 20-30 dollars.

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Q: How much does pcp cost?
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How much does pcp cost per oz?

18$ per ounce.

How much does PCP cost per gram?

About 25 dollars for 2 gallons

How much pcp is taken at 1 time?

Be smart, don't do it...

What is inside PCP?

Pure PCP contains only PCP (phencylidine).

How is pcp administered?

PCP is not administrated

Is pcp a depression?

pcp is a tranqulizer

What does pcp stand 4?

PCP is phencyclidine.

Is PCP a hallucinagen?

Yes, PCP is a hallucinogen.

Where was pcp discovered and when?

Pcp was founded in 1959

Is PCP hallucinogen?

Yes, PCP is a dissociative hallucinogen.

What is pcp drugs called officially?

pcp is a tranquelizer

Does Lexapro have pcp in it?

No, Lexapro contains escitalopram, not PCP.