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6.99 for 10 at GNC

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Q: How much does oxy e purple pill cost?
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How much does an oxycodone 512 cost?

It's 5 mg of oxy so the cost isn't much, I get it for one or two dollars a pill

What is the small round white pill with NO29 on one side?

Oxy, not sure of dosage.

What does oxy cotten look like?

oxy cotten looks like a pill the pill is different colours depending on how many milligrams the oxy cotten pill is for example 40 miligram pills are yellow and 80 milligram pills are blue oxy cotten pills always have an oc label on them that's how you can tell if it is an oxy cotten But actually there are generic versions of oxy's....There is prolly about five or six different kinds of generics and they DO NOT SAY OC ON THEM..but another way to find out is call poisen control or look them up on the internet.most of them will say the miligram that's another to find out.but not all of them show the miligram..

Which is hotter oxy and acetylene welding or MIG welding?

This is something of a trick question... Every metal has its own melting point that must be reached to weld the material. The difference between Oxy-ace and Mig is the Heat Effected Zone. This is the blue and purple area around your weld in which the Microstructure and properties of your base material change. Oxy-Ace will have a much wider HAZ.

What is the difference between deoxyhemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin?

Deoxy no oxygen and is purple. Oxy is with oxygen and is bright red color

Does herion come in a pill form?

oxy cotton and morphine are the only 2 pills that i have ever heard of that are similar to heroin

Is Oxy Clean just for doing laundry or are their other Oxy Clean products?

Oxy Clean can be used for much more than just laundry. There are other Oxy Clean products but even the basic Oxy Clean can clean carpets, tiles and other household items.

Can you stick an Oxycontin in your ass?

take a DEWSH and warm the muscle bones until a pill catcher pops out of anus and insert oxy

Is there such a thing as a small white round pill being Oxycodone?

Depends on what you consider orange. 40 mg brand name oxy's are a dark yellow, they say "OC" on one side and "40" on the other. Guess they could be interpreted as an orange pill to some

What kind of pill is medium size blue and says 224 on ne side?

what pill has a fancy V on one side and the number 2265 on the other

I found a pill in my nieces purse round kinda off white blank on one side and on the other it has 114 with a line underneath it my friend saids its a oxy 30 Oh please tell me its not?

Sorry for the bad news but it is a oxy 30 mg

Where is relevant information on oxy powder?

Oxy Powder is a colon cleanser that can help reduce any swelling of your colon.It can cost up to fourty dollars and can be found on a drugstore's website or at Amazon