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you can blink from about 17000 to about 22000 times in a day.

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Q: How much does a person blink a day?
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What can a person do 10000 times a day?

-breath-step-blink-clap-turn your head

How many times a person blink per day?

ABOUT 23040

how much so people blink in a day?


How times a day does the average person blink?

I'm not sure but I'd have to say over 200,000 times a day because of the 24 hour thing.... If you didn't know you still blink in your sleep.

How much energy you want to blink your eyes per day?

100 g

Do women blink as much as women and what is the percent?

Women blink 100% as much as women.

What is unflinching?

Someone who doesn't blink no matter how much you try to make them blink.

how many times do you blink in a day?


How many times will a person blink their eyes a year if they blink 20 times per minute?


How you use blink in sentence?

The first person to blink in a staring contest loses. It can be used as a verb or noun.

Blink 182 or green day?

Green Day is more popular?

how many times does a human blink in a day?

1,528 times a day