How much does a pellet gun cost?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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As little as $15 and as much as $1,500 or more, depending on what you want.

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Q: How much does a pellet gun cost?
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How much does a pellet gun that can kill a squirrel cost?

If it's a pellet gun them most pellet guns are capable of killing a squirrel. Check the FPS (Feet per Second) and if it's over 400 FPS that should be sufficient. Expect to pay $60 and up for a pellet gun. Crosman makes an excellent pellet gun that is rated at 610 FPS Called the American Classic and it cost $70. I also suggest using Hunting (Hollow point pellets) these will be the most effective.

How much does a pellet for a pellet gun weigh?

Depending on caliber, they can ragne from 4-28 grains.

Is there a scope for a pellet gun with multiple lenses?

There are several scopes that have zoom lenses. But don't be surprised to find that they can cost more than the pellet gun. See the link below

How do you find the best pellet gun?

You start by reading reviews. I suggest going to online reviews that people have written about the various guns they have purchased. You also need to select the type of airgun you want to purchase. Air you looking for a pellet gun or an air-soft pellet gun? How much can you afford? All these things will help you determine what you can purchase. Pellet guns cost as little as $20 and as much as $3,000 so do some homework and make a selection.

How much louder is a co2 pellet gun compared to an air pellet gun?

They are about the same, depending on the pistol. C02 has a tendency to be a little louder on certain pistols but not much difference.

How much is the Westinger and Altenburger Pellet gun worth?

It would help if you stated the model and the condition of the pellet gun. Without some information it is not possible to answer you.

Can you shoot a pheasant with a pellet gun?

It depends on the model and the caliber of the Pellet gun.

Cost of bb gun air rifle?

Any where from $20 to around $150 for a BB model. However a Pellet model can cost up to $3.000 for an Olympic class Pellet rifle.

What has more FPS a pellet gun or a airsoft gun?

pellet gun, but airsoft it is legal to shoot each other with. With a pellet gun you could kill somebody. Also 180 fps isn't much i shot myself in the hand with a 250 fps airsoft spring rifle. It just stings.

What is the best air gun pellet to use?

There is "NO" best pellet. See the link below for much greater information about pellets

How much does a apr1 quad cal pellet gun cost?

April Fool!!! You have been had............ Did you get the name. apr1 (April first) Yea I want one too.

What is the meaing of pulet gun?

I think you mean pellet gun. That is a gun that fires a small lead pellet but does not use gun powder. It uses compressed air or compressed gasses to push the pellet.