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A good stretcher can cost up to $3,700, but you can get some for about $1,400-1,500

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Q: How much does a medical stretcher cost?
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What do you call the thing medical people use to carry injured humens?

There are a variety of devices used to carry patients. Longboard, scoop stretcher, basket stretcher, wheeled stretcher, light stretcher, portable stretcher, stair chair Sometimes we’ll just use a blanket, or do a direct carry.

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My teen is really into martial arts and says that he needs a leg stretcher. How much do they cost and where can we purchase one?

Expect to pay $150-$250 for a new leg stretcher. Before you buy, speak to your son's instructor for guidance and suggestions. You may also be able to pick up a used leg stretcher on eBay or Craig's List. For new ones, check out:, AND

What is the plural form of stretcher-bearer?

The plural of stretcher-bearer is stretcher-bearers.

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What is stretcher?

stretcher is nothing but an objejct that stertches.

Can you give me a sentence using stretcher?

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A nail stretcher would be a fictional tool... think "dollar stretcher".

How much does medical assistant training typically cost?

Medical assistant training is not particularly expensive. The cost of a course varies between $1,200-4,200.

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This will depend on the type of medical transport. The average cost for an ambulance can run up to about as much as four hundred dollars per hospital trip.

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