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The median salary is around $51,000.00, if that helps.

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Q: How much does a biomedical technologist make?
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How much do the biomedical technologist earn in south Africa?

because i feel like it hee hee

How much can a surgical technologist make?


How much does technologist make per hour?

It depends on the technologist,and his technical skills. There's so specific sum .

How much on average does a biomedical engineer make per year?

A biomedical engineer can make up to 250,000$ a year with 5000-6000 dollar raises.

How much money does a hyperbaric medical technologist make?

35 an hour

How much does a biomedical technologist earn per month?

They are getting paid R3000.00 which is a disgrace, i mean here in South Africa it does not matter if whether you have A degree or PHD....i just wonder kuti for how long are they gonna be getting paid peanuts

How much do biomedical engineers make a year?

More than a fry clerk at McDonald's...

HOW MUCH money does a cat scan technologist make?

The salary of a cat scan technologist will depend on the location and experience of each person. On average, the yearly salary is an estimated $63,096.

How much do biomedical engineers earn in Canada?

What is the salary of a biomedical mechanical engineer in Canada.

How much does a Limited medical Radiologic Technologist LMRT make?

I am a working LMRT and my hourly age is $16.

How much does biomedical scientist earn?

The median salary that a biomedical scientist earns is $74,590 per year. Biomedical scientists conduct lab experiments for research.

How much does a bio technologist make a week?

The average is $41, 600 per year. They are also not paid by the week but by the month.