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You have to have 12-14 injections to speed up egg production then you undergo a 40 minute surgical procedure to collect the eggs.

You get £15 to cover costs.

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Q: How much do you get paid to be an egg donor?
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Is it sacriligous to be an egg donor?

Only if the egg is not human.

How much do an EGG Technician get paid?

Can you tell me what is the difference between an EKG and an EGG and how much do they get paid per hour in the state of Alabama

What is the role of the Egg cell donor.?

A donor cell is a cell that a donor donates for genetic research.

What has to be removed from the donor's egg during cloning?

the ovul

How do i become an egg donor?

Becoming an egg donor is easy, you can sign up with a company that will match you and represent you or you can do it for someone you know.If you need anymore info or help you can email me at nellsdo[at]

Do clones have the same age of the donor at birth?

No. Cloning is essentially taking an egg (somatic cell) from the donor and regrowing it in a cell with no nucleus.

How much money does a donor processor earn?

how much does a donor prodessor make

Can I still be an egg donor if I'm pregnant?

Nope, you cannot be an egg donor when you're pregnant. In order to be considered for a cycle, you would need to be done with breastfeeding and have gotten at least one normal period.

What is average cost to have a donor egg fertilized with spouses sperm and placed in your uterus?

It depends on where you are having this done. This is called a donor IVF cycle or donor ovum cycle. In the US, the average cost of a fresh donor egg IVF cycle is around $25,000 to $40,000 depending on the cost of the donor, agency, etc. and the clinic. That would not include travel to the clinic if they are out of state. If you have your own egg donor, you may be able to cut $5,000 - $10,000 or so off of the cost. Many parents-to-be are pursuing donor IVF treatments abroad these days (Czech Republic, Spain, Ukraine, and India are all popular destinations for fertility tourism)- and the typical cost of a donor IVF cycle overseas is around $6,000 - $10,000 - again depending on the clinic. One of the major differences to overseas treatments is that most countries have laws to ensure that the egg donor is anonymous. For some patients, having an anonymous donor is an advantage, but for others, they may prefer a known donor, which will definitely limit the countries where they can find this option.

Can you be an egg donor if you've used Depo-Provera in the past?

Using Depo Provera in the past doesn't prevent egg donation.

Who pays for an organ donation?

My insurances paid for my organ transplant but monies were also paid to the donor's medical bills (if I am not mistaken.)

What is meant by Donor Expenses?

Donor Expenses are expenses incurred by the donor for donating an organ (excluding the cost of the organ) to the insured during the course of an organ transplant all the hospitalization expenses are paid by the insurance company.