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"Last year I worked the hardest I have ever worked and made 210K"

That answer is correct for two reasons. First, you can certainly make that much in a year. Second, you will also work incredibly hard to make that much in a year. If you expect to make over $200k you should also expect to put in the hours to match. That said, we actually surveyed our members to gain average salary expectations in the different areas of medical sales.

You can read the whole <a href="">Medical Sales Salary Survey</a> at

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Q: How much do medical device sales reps make?
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How much do medical device sales positions pay?

It can be a very well paying job however it's a tough field to get into. There are many websites that specialize in this field. Most notably Gorilla Medical Sales. A professional recruiter founded this site for medical device sales jobs. You can check it out at the Related Link below. Typically, they are very high paying positions. Most medical device sales jobs start out at 100K+ the first year and as you build a territory you can make any where from 150K to 300K+. There is another job board that has over a thousand medical device sales jobs posted in the last 2 months alone. See for yourself at the other Related Link below.

How much travel should I expect to do as part of a job in medical device sales?

Medical device sales consists of constant exciting traveling destinations. Traveling takes away the boring stigma of the 9 to 5 desk job! If you are looking for an adventure than this job is right for you! Click the link for more information.

Is healthcare sales a booming job market?

Healthcare is one of today's most dynamic and growing fields, but there are varying incomes depending on what types of job you have in medical sales. For example, jobs in pharmaceutical sales may not earn as much as jobs in medical device sales. Check out to see current opening in healthcare sales.

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