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Q: How much damage does one drink do to your body?
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How much coffee in cups can you drink per day before it does damage to your body?

one is too many because it stunts your growth :)

Why can't people drink 100 percent h2o?

Each person sould drink up to 8 glasses of water per-day the body need alots of water. but if you drink to much of it it can also damage the body.when you drink water your helping the kidney to work in order . One hundred per- cent of in one day is to much

Is 40 oz of water too much to drink at once?

Yes, if you take it all in one gulp. If you want to drink it in one day, and your body really requires it, then no, it's not too much to drink.

How much water do you need to drink when doing the enzymatic therapy for the whole body cleanse?

When doing the enzymatic therapy for the whole body cleanse, one needs to drink a lot more water. The water one needs to drink is at least 12 cups a day.

Can you drink too much water in a day?

My friend, one can have too much of anything ! Too much water and you drown. Too much sun and you burn. Everything in moderation; your wonderful God-given body should tell you when it has had enough. Blessings !

What can you use to cleanse your body of vodka?

nothing really, if you have one kickass liver and drink a bit of water you might not feel the effects as much

Which are the diseases of human body that notorious diseases of today damage?

organ of human body that some notorious diseases of today damage specify one which can be transplanted

How can you get weed out of your body quicker?

Drink a LOT of liquids or purchase one of those body detox drinks.

In one hour the adult human body can rid itself of?

One drink per hour.

What does alcohol do to the body from a health perspective?

Well, for one, it damages your liver severely. However, if you drink too much, it may also result in loss of brain cells.

How much red wine do you drink a day?


How much does a tiger cub drink?

no one knows...