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Let's say about 30 gallons.

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Q: How much bleach per gallon in a pool?
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How much bleach do you put in the swimming pool to kill allege?

2gallons per 10k of water

What is the correct make up of the soulution to disinfect the protective mask?

mix 3.5 cups of household bleach per 2 gallons of water or mix 2 Teaspoons of household bleach per 1 gallon of water

What to do if you accidentally put bleach in pool not closing?

If you put in a gallon or less per 10,000 gallons of water don't worry about it; but wait 4 hours after running filter before entering. Bleach is chlorine which helps the pool rid bacteria, although chlorine powder or tablets is preferable.

How much bleach chlorine per gallon do you put in a swimming pool?

Look on the product's instructions to find its dose rate for so-many 1000 gallons (or similar) per 1ppm, calculate from that and add according to the concentration necessary to raise the Cl level from that which you've tested it at, to about3ppm. ,

How much sodium hypochlorite will a 20000 gallon outdoor pool consume?

about 1 gallon at a dose rate of 5 parts per million, dah

How much chlorine per gallon is used to purify water?

2 drops of Regular Clorox Bleach per quart of water 8 drops of Regular Clorox Bleach per gallon of water 1/2 teaspoon Regular Clorox Bleach per five gallons of water If water is cloudy, double the recommended dosages of Clorox Bleach. Only use Regular Clorox Bleach (not Fresh Scent or Lemon Fresh). To insure that Clorox Bleach is at its full strength, rotate or replace your storage bottle minimally every three months.

How much electricity does an intex 1000 gallon an hour pool pump use?

1000galls howmuch per hour

What is the correct make up of the solution to disinfect the protective mask?

mix 2 teaspoons of household bleach per 1 gallon of water

How much was gas per gallon in 1964?

about $.26 per gallon

90.1 cents per liter is how much per gallon?

About $3.41 per gallon.

How much per gallon if 1.32 per liter?

5.00 per US gallon.

How many gallons of water does my HP pool pump pump per minute?

Between a 500-gallon-per-minute pump and a 2,000-gallon-per-minute pump.