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Temazepam is a benzodiazepine, soooo...30 mg?

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Q: How much benzo is in a 30 mg temazepam?
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Is acetaminophen part of the Restoril formulation?

Restoril™ is the brand name for temazepam in the U.S. and in Canada*. Both the brand name and the generic version come in capsules of four strengths: 7.5 mg, 15 mg, 22.5 mg, 30 mg. They do not contain acetaminophen. *Other Canadian brand names include: Apo-Temazepam®; CO Temazepam; Dom-Temazepam; Gen-Temazepam; Novo-Temazepam; Nu-Temazepam; PHL-Temazepam; PMS-Temazepam; ratio-Temazepam; Restoril™.

Are Temazepam tablets or capsules marked with 5K2 20mg or 10mg?

5K2 are 20 mg temazepam/restoril. in talblet form.

30mg in amphetamine how much would it be in straterra mg?

30 mg in amphetamine is 40 mg in straterra mg.

Can you take hydrocodne with muscle relaxers?

depends how much MG the Hydrocodone and how much MG the muscle relaxers, just like if someone had a beer n took a benzo or such they may just get a lil more "inebreiated" but depends on person, but it generally a no no

Can I take 2mg clonazepam.and 15 mg temazepam together?

Yes causes strong side effects

How many temazepam do you need to get high?

take 3temazepam 30 mg at once it takes an hour for it to kick in and you got a good buzz that last for a 8 youthe may black out just try to fight the sleepness its a awesome buzz

What kind of pill is a orange capsule and has mylan 4010?

Mylan 4010 is 15 mg Temazepam 15 mg (generic for Restoril). It is a sedative prescribed for treatment of insomnia (poor night sleep).

Is a crayon 30 mg 30 g 30 kg?

30 mg

How much caffeine does snapple diet half and half have?

About 30 mg

How much does 30 mg compare to ounce?

30mg = about 0.00106 ounces.

What about 30 mg MORPHINE..How much should be injestede for it to be lethal?

What a stupid question!

How many grams is equal to 30 milligrams?

30 mg = 0.03 g30 mg = 0.03 g30 mg = 0.03 g30 mg = 0.03 g30 mg = 0.03 g30 mg = 0.03 g