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That depends on the type of medicine and the amount prescribed, it can vary from $5.00-$500.00 or more you need to be more Pacific's

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It varies, depending on the medication prescribed.

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Q: How much are prescriptions in UK?
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How many prescriptions of Penicillin are there in the UK per year?


Are prescriptions free everywhere in the UK?

No. Prescriptions are free for people under 21, over 60 and the chronically ill. Everyone else has to pay (a subsidised amount) per item.

How much prescriptions cost?

It depends on which medication it is, whether or not you have insurance, and how much the insurance covers.

Can you fill Australian prescriptions in UK?

no, each country have there own prescriptions but if u r travelling u can ask the dr to reg 24 ur script so u can obtain all repeats at once from the chemist

What is the average number of teens that live after abusing prescriptions?

Depending how much they take in

Where are prescriptions filled?

Prescriptions are filled at a pharmacy.

Why do pediatritians need math skills?

Pediatritians need math to write all of their prescriptions carefully. (This much of this. That much of that.)

Can dentists write prescriptions?

Dentists write prescriptions for pain medication and antibiotics. They would not write prescriptions for depression medication. They write prescriptions that deal with dental issues.

When was Forged Prescriptions created?

Forged Prescriptions was created in 2003.

How much is the state tax in ga?

4%, but groceries and prescriptions are exempt. now it is 7% and groceries is 3%

Can chiropracters write prescriptions?

No, chiropractors are not licensed to practice medicine and cannot, therefore, write prescriptions.

Hows a pharmacist do their job?

They give people prescriptions and telll people stuff about those prescriptions!