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That's average.

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Q: How much am i supposed to weigh I'm 14 5'2 and weigh 130?
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How much should a 5'10 14 year old weigh?

I am 29 and weigh 145, however, when I was 14, I weighed about 130. I am 5'10.

Im 14 and 130 pounds how much should you weigh?

It depends on your height. But my friend is the same age (14), is 5'5. and weighs 130 pounds. So she is at a good weight for her age.

How much should a 14 year old boy weigh at 68 inches?

I think around 130 pounds

How much should an average girl aged 14 weigh?

depends on her height. at 5'5 130 pounds is the average weight.

How much should a 14 ear old girl 5''5 weigh?

110-130 also depends on your muscler build.

How much do 14 yr old girls who are 5ft supposed to weigh?

50 pounds is a good wheight u dont wanna wheigh to much

Is a 14 year old teenager supposed to weigh 121 pounds?

I am 5'3'' 14 years old and weigh 121 pounds.

How much should a 14 year old that is 5ft 6 weigh?

I would say about 115-130 pounds, but it could be anywhere from 110-140lbs.

How much are you supposed to weigh if your 14 and 5in8?

It depends on your build, but generally speaking for a man: 140-155; for a woman: 126-145.

How much does a 14' sunfish sailboat weigh?

A 14' sunfish sailboat typically weighs around 130-150 pounds. This lightweight design makes it easy to transport and maneuver in the water.

How much should you weigh when your 14?

That would depend on if you are a girl or a boy. Boys about 120-130 girls about 100-120 That also depends on your race and height.

I am 4'11 and weigh 95 and I am 14 years old what am i supposed to weigh?

your weight is ok but for your age its a little low.