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Q: How much alcohol does it take for a 85 pound girl to get drunk?
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How many Smirnoffs get a 120 pound girl drunk?

it all depends how much you drink.

When did you first get drunk?

you might get drunk after a pint or more then if you have to much alcohol you will be really sick

What makes you drunk if you drink too much of this?


How much alcohol would it take for me to get drunk i am a teen and have drinken before but never got drunk im about 110 pounds and a girl?

It would take about 4 to 5 shots to feel a little buzz but about 8 to 9 to get really drunk

How much of the alcohol drunk reaches the blood stream?


Consuming alcohol can?

Consuming 'too much' alcohol can make you drunk, and could eventually affect your health.

How fast can you get drunk on pimm's if you have never been drunk before?

About as fast as on any other drink. Drunkenness is a function of how much alcohol you drink over a short time, not the way drinks are mixed. Alcohol is alcohol.

When is a person intoxicated?

An intoxicated person is someone who has drunk too much alcohol, and is drunk. Probably staggering about, unsure of where or what he or she is doing.

Does 12 percent of alcohol make you drunk?

It depends how much you drink. 12% is a typical alcohol content for wine.

Has Hilary Duff gotten drunk?

She is not drunk. She's too much of a good girl. She rocks

Why important alcohol in the body?

It is not important because it will make you drunk if too much

How come when you get really really drunk on a given night it takes so much to get drunk again the next afternoonevening In other words why is your tolerance to alcohol higher after being drunk?

Because alcohol builds dependence. YOU GAIN TOLERANCE