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Q: How many years with second-degree criminal possession of marijuana and second-degree criminal possession of a weapon charge?
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What does PSMJ stand for in a criminal charge?

I believe it means Possession of Marijuana.

How do you get out of marijuana possession charge?

U cant

Can you get into navy seals with possession of marijuana charge?


What is the california criminal charge HS11350?

HS 11350 is the criminal charge for those who are found in possession of a controlled substance.Those arrested for possession of a controlled substance must determine whether their possession was actual, constructive, or joint.

How do you get a marijuana possession charge dropped?

take to "higher" authorities

What does this charge mean upom second?

Unlawful possession of marijuana

What is criminal charge for being caught with LSD?

Possession of an hallucinogen.

How long does a possession of marijuana charge stay on your record in Wisconsin?

A drug conviction in Wisconsin never is taken off the a criminal record. Generally, an employer can find a conviction if he or she digs enough.

Can you be arrested for smoking medical marijuana?

If you live in the United States then yes, the federal police can charge you with possession of Marijuana.

Does a possession of marijuana charge get discharged if you get your medical marijuana card?

nt unless u have ur card renewed the first month.

In Michigan is there a statute of limitations on a criminal charge of minor in possession of alcohol?

The Michigan statute of limitations for a criminal charge of a minor in possession of alcohol is limited to the minor becoming 18 years old. Once the minor becomes an adult the charge will no longer be valid.

Will you be fired for not disclosing a possession of marijuana charge on application?

Any lie on an application is grounds for dismissal.