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Q: How many years does a person have to do on a twenty-five year sentence?
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How many times can eleven go into twentyfive?

Twice, with three left over.

Make a sentence with the word overseen?

The work was being overseen by a competent person with many years experience.

How many years is life sentences in Maryland?

In Maryland, a life sentence is equal to 30 years. A person who has been sentenced to life is usually eligible for parole at 15 years in Maryland.

How many years in prison is a life sentence in Romania?

A life sentence is for life.

Twentyfive of old mcDonald's farmyard animals went moo one third of them went oink and the remaining twenty animals went quack or woof how many animals does old mcDonald have on his farm?

twentyfive plus twenty plus one 3rd is 15 so 60 animals

How many years are there in 312 weeks number sentence and answer?

6 years

What is a sentence imposing sentence?

There are many ways a judge can impose a sentence. One example is "I sentence you to ten years in prison."

How many kilograms are in twentyfive liters?

depends on the density of the liquid in question. 25 liters of water will be heavier than 25 liters of gasoline.

Could you use a sentence with the word autocracy?

Cuba for many years had been a government built on a one ruling power of autocracy.

How many years was Robert cassato sentence to?


How many years is life sentence in Colorado?


How do you write a sentence using the word introverted?

Introverted is defined as "a person characterized by concern primarily withhis or her own thoughts and feelings ", "A shy person" Simple sentence - "She is so introverted." Complex sentence - "Your introverted personality makes it hard for others to know what you are thinking." is is also defined as "to turn inward". in a sentence - "I have introverted my anger over my father not being in my life for many years."