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A tazer gun can be shot with 50000 volts of electricity.

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Q: How many volts are in police taser guns?
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How many volts does the x26 taser have?

The X26 Taser typically delivers a voltage between 50,000 to 60,000 volts.

About how many volts of electricity are conducted by a standard taser?

From 50,000 to 150,000

How many volt does a taser have?

50,000 volts. N.B. It isn't the voltage that kills you, it is the amps.

How many guns do police take a year?

they get over 10 guns a year.

How many volts in a tazer?

A typical taser delivers a voltage ranging from 50,000 to 75,000 volts. However, the amperage (current) is typically low, making tasers relatively safe when used correctly and for short durations.

How many feet does a taser work?

A citizen Taser (Taser C2, X26c and M26c) can reach 15 feet.

Does police tasers have cameras on them?

Not all of them. Many department do however use Taser Cam (a camera that can be added to the X26 law enforcement tasers).

How many police guns in the us?

Unknown. No published data.

Is it illegal to carry a taser in the state of Minnesota?

Yes. Stun guns are legal for ordinary citizen use in Minnesota and many other states, however, there are some state restrictions that prohibit their use in those states. Minnesota is NOT one of the states that currently has any restriction on the sale, use or possession of stun guns.

Isn't a police state where there are way too many so called authorities have guns but I don't?

A police state occurs when the STATE has all the guns and I don't have mine.

What are the major companys that supply the police with specialist equipment?

Police usually offer open bidding for contracts for supplies associated with their work and are willing to work with the lowest cost bidder in many cases. For example, while Taser International created and sells the Taser brand electroshock weapons, other companies such as Black Tiger, offer similar products.

What is Rush Tazing?

It's a rule on many GTA San Andreas Multiplayer roleplay game servers which disallows roleplay police officers to taser a suspect with a firearm out.