How many tsps in 0.8 mls?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are tsps in 0.8 mls.....there are 2.5 mls in a teaspoon and 5 mls in a tablespoon....0.8 is a fragment of a tspn

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Q: How many tsps in 0.8 mls?
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How many tsps of honey are 100 ml?

20 because one tsp is equal to 5 mls

How many tsps are in five tbsps?


How many drops in a teaspoonful?

30 drops equals how many tsps?

How many mLs in 1 L?

1000 mls

How many mls in 457 l?

457,000 mls

How many tsps are in 1.5 fluid ounces?

That is 9 teaspoons.

How many teaspoon equals a pound?

Depends what the tsps contain.

How many tsps in an oz of cracked black pepper?


How many in one tablespoon?

3 tsps or approx 15ml

How many teaspoons are equal to 10 milliliters?

2 tsps

How many mls in 6oz?

1 ounce = 30 mls so 6 ounces x 30 mls= 180 mls

How much is 10 MLS equal to teaspoons?

That is 2 teaspoons ( and the 'mls' should be lower case , NOT "MLS")