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As many as you can.

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Q: How many triple C should you take?
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How many triple C's can you take to get a trippy high?


Do triple c's show up on drug tests?

Not if you take them as directed on the package. You might get several false positives if you take too many.

Is there Triple DES c program source code?

There's a project that's implemented Triple DES in C over at SourceForge called "Easy Triple DES." It's in alpha, but should at the very least give you a head start. (See link.)

What is the formula for 13-Octadiyne?

1,3-Octadiyne , C8H10 , Octa-1,3-di-yneH-C(triple=)C-C(triple=)C-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH3(In this formula scetch (triple=) means: a triple -not a double!- bond between 2 neighbouring C atoms, i.e. " -C=C- ")

What is triple prime?

Prime triple definition: Assume that a<b<c. a, b, and c form a prime triple just if both of the pairs (a,b) and (b, c) are twin primes.

What is a triple prime?

Triple prime definition: Assume a<b<c. a, b, and c form a prime triple just if both the pairs (a, b) and (b, c) are twin primes.

What does it mean to get the triple c award?

To get the Triple C Award, is when the person being awarded has shown the three c's: character, commitment, and courage.Hope this helps!!=)

How many lone pairs does CH3CN have?

0, Cbonds to 3 H and to C. Second C triple bonds to N . H H C-C---N: H

What will happen if you take 20 triple c's?

you can die, there's a very high risk, my friend almost died from 15

What shape is a triple bond?

C-C is a single-bond carbon C=C is a double-bond carbon... soooo.. if you need a triple-bond carbon make the hyphen thrice..

What are triple c's?

Triple Cs is a slang term for dextromethorphan-containing drugs. This name comes from the brand Coricidin Cough and Cold.

Does it matter what box of triple c's you take and do they all have the same effect?

No they will not all give you the same effect. Stick with the purple box.