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8 times unless its a lt blue tube which is 4 times

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8-10 times

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Q: How many times to invert anticoagulant tubes?
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How many times do you invert the tube of blood so it will not clot?

Inverting a tube of blood will not prevent it clotting. Only an anticoagulant will do this, the different coloured tops on blood samples refer to the different anticoagulants or lack thereof inside the tubes. Inverting the tube is done to mix blood samples that have settled gently inverting the tube 6-10 times is enough to mix the blood. Inverting the tube more than this or doing it too violently could trigger clotting even in a sample containing an anticoagulant.

What is the anticoagulant used in this type of blood test?

Many test tubes use EDTA as the anticoagulant - but there are other anticoagulants used as well. Be more specific if you wish a more specific answer.

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