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Fluid can be drawn off of the lung any number of times through a procedure called thoracentesis. This can instantly relieve breathlessness caused by the fluid that accumulates around the lung. If a patient requires numerous thoracentesis procedures, a doctor may insert a tube for continuous draining.

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Q: How many times can fluid be drawn off the lungs?
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There are two phases in one breath: inhalation and exhalation. During inhalation, air is drawn into the lungs, and during exhalation, air is expelled from the lungs.

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Abnormal fluid collection in the lungs can be caused by lung infections or heart problems. The biggest problem with it is that it causes shortness of breath that can lead to respiratory arrest.

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Why are dark spots found behind your lungs?

Dark spots on x-rays mean there is some fluid there. Fluid actually is radiopaque. Therefore, it blocks the x-rays from travelling through your lungs to the film and developing (darkening) that area. It is because of this that fluid, bones, and other structures actually appear white on an xray. Dark spots can show up due to pockets of air (hyperinflation) or even a pneumothorax (popped/deflated lung.) It is also widely known in the medical field that xrays are drawn to spots of cancerous tissue. (This is why chemotherapy is so effective.) Due to this, it could also be a cancerous tumor behind your lungs directing many of the xrays to one location, developing the film more in that area and showing up as a darker spot.

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