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Q: How many tags are used when a postmortem is completed?
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How many html tags should be used for the simple webpages?

It depends on the person's consumption that how much tags to be used. A simple page might contain 4-5 tags only.

What is an autopsy and how can it be used to determine the cause of death?

A postmortem examination to discover the cause of death or the extent of disease: "an autopsy report".(Perform a postmortem examination on a body or organ).

What is a file contaning definitions of tags and how they should be used in a web page?

HTML has its defined tags. What you are asking is XML and it allows you to define your own tags, many and as smart or stupid as you wish.

What are the most 10 common tags in HTML?

There are many tags which can be used to some extent. Main 10 tags are:Head Body Title HTML Meta Script Link Span a p.

What HTML lines are used to hide javascript from older browsers?

The comment tags which are The comment tags which are The comment tags which are The comment tags which are The comment tags which are The comment tags which are The comment tags which are The comment tags which are The comment tags which are The comment tags which are The comment tags which are

B tags and font tags are used in?

HTML style

Do 'autopsy' and 'post-mortem' have essentially the same meaning?

For the most part, yes, "autopsy" and "postmortem" are used interchangeably in American English. However, there is a linguistic difference. "Autopsy" is a postmortem examination of a human body, generally to determine the cause of death. "Postmortem" simply means "after death" and can be used in a variety of instances where human bodies are not being examined. For instance, a veterinarian can perform a postmortem exam on a dog or cat; this is generally referred to as a necropsy. Also, in the slaughter industry, the examination of carcasses after the animal is humanely killed, skinned and eviscerated is called the postmortem examination or postmortem disposition.

Which tag is not required for an HTML page?

The only tags needed are the HTML, HEAD, TITLE and BODY tags, with their corresponding closing tags. All other tags can said to be not required, though obviously many of them will be used, as otherwise your page would be very plain.

Do all clothing have security tags?

There are many stores that employ the use of security tags. Security tags are used to prevent theft.

What are the characters of HTML used for?

The tags of HTML are used to define how the page looks like. The presentation with the looks is what tags are used for.

How many HTML tags should be used for a simple web pages?

2-3 tags including the main HTML, BODY and HEAD tag can be used. They can make a fairly simple web page.

When were dog tags first used?

Dog tags were first used in the mid 19th century during the Taiping Revolt. The tags were given to Chinese soldiers to identify them.