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signs? or sides. If your question is how many sides does a stop sign have than the answer is 8. its a octagon

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Q: How many signs does a stop sign has?
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How man signs does a stop sign have?

It has two signs !

How many motorcycles can go through a stop sign?

How many motorcycles are allowed to go through a stop sign at once when there are other vehicles at the opposing signs.

How many feet can you park from a stop sign?

There isn't a specific height for a stop sign, I've seen short stop signs, tall stop signs, etc. Taller stop signs would probably be in areas where there's high traffic so everyone can see them, the shorter stop signs are used in parking lots.

What is the Traffic Signs?

A stop sign

What are the signs of lust?

A stop sign, a One Way sign, and a Yield sign.

Why are the stop sign and give way sign known as the major signs in Kenya?

because they are mandatory signs

What does improper observance of stop sign mean?

Improper observance of stop sign means not coming to a complete stop at the stop signs or not seeing one it you pass the stop sign.

An octagon-shaped sign is used exclusively for what signs?

That would be the stop sign.

Do car drivers actually stop or just slow down at stop signs?

In the United States you are required to stop at the sign. Slowing down is not stopping and therefore can result in a $100 fine. However, many experienced drivers choose not to come to a complete stop at stop signs. Butt at the same time many Americans do it as a way to race up the process of a stop sign.

What signs are usually white squares or rectangles with the exception of the STOP sign?

Regulatory signs

How many right angles are in a stop sign?

zero. Stop signs are octogons. if you are counting the letters too. then there is 14

Is a speed limit sign a warning sign?

The correct answer is NO. A stop sign is considered a Regulatory Sign. Regulatory signs are typically the colors black, white, and/or red. Regulatory signs regulate traffic and tell a driver about a law. Examples include speed limits, yield signs, one way streets, do not enter signs, no turning, no parking, and (yes) stop signs. A warning sign, on the other hand, is typically diamond-shaped and the color yellow, orange or pink. They warn you of possible changes in the use or condition of the roadway ahead. A stop sign is not warning you to stop. It is TELLING you to stop because that is the law.