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If the TABE test has 90 questions, how many I can miss to pass the test?

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Q: How many question you can miss to pass the TABE test?
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How many can you miss on a 20 question test?

You can miss all of them, if you like! You will fail miserably, but you did not say you wanted to pass!

How many can you miss with 40 question to pass with 60 percent?

you can miss 40% 40 x .4 = 16

How many questions can you miss to 70 percent on a 64 question test?

64, of course. Unless you mean how many can you miss and still pass... 70% of 64 is 44.8, so you need 45 to pass so you can miss 19.

How many can you miss with 25 question to pass?

If you miss 10 questions, you will get a 60%. This is usually the lowest passing score.

How many questions can you miss on a 60 question tes to still pass?

If C is passing and its a 10 point scale then.. you can only miss 18 questions.

How many questions out of 70 can be miss to pass?

It depends on the pass rate.

If there are 125 questions on a test and you need 70 to pass how many questions can you miss?

To get a 70 to pass the test you can miss 37 questions.

How do you read tabe test scores -?

Tabe tests scores are read just like other test scores. It is not hard at all. I do hope you get a good score though because they are harder to pass than other tests.

How many questions can you miss to pass HSAP?


How many questions can you miss to pass a 90 question test?

-- Take the percent you need to pass the test. If you don't know what that number is, ask the teacher. -- Subtract the passing number from 100 . -- Multiply the result by 0.9 . -- Now you have the number of questions you can miss and still pass the test. -- But only if all the ones that you do answer are correct!

How many questions can you get miss out of a 200 question test for an A?

If you think there is one universal pass percentage for the worlds education system... look less to A and more to F

How many questions can you miss to get a 75 percent on a 88 question test?

22 of them for a 75% pass rate providing that the remaining 66 questions are all correct