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Q: How many precordial leads are there?
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Where do precordial leads record from?


What does precordial repolarization disturbance mean?

Precordial repolarization disturbance is a heart condition that can be determined though an EKG. Precordial has to do with the area above your heart and repolarization has to do with the heart muscle preparing itself for it's next beat.

Is Precordial catch syndrome bad?

No. check wikipedia.

What does a poor R wave progression mean in a cardiogram?

Poor R wave progression is a vague term used to describe the transition in voltage in the precordial leads of an electrocardiogram (ECG). It is not a diagnosis but simply describes a pattern frequently noted. In a "normal" individual there is a progressive increase in the magnitude of the voltage in the leads from V1 to V4. When the peak voltage occurs later than V4 it is considered diminished or delayed. The normal criteria are very old and were likely based upon pathologic data. Current ECG technology includes computer interpretation. This particular pattern is usually reported out as "cannot rule out anterior myocardial infarction." The placement of the precordial leads is paramount in obtaining a reliable ECG pattern. Frequently the precordial leads are placed in the wrong position in haste to obtain the electrocardiographic tracing. Women particulary large breasted are most likely to have the leads improperly placed as the left breast usually overlies the 4th and sometimes the 5th intercostal space (where the leads should be placed). In summary, the term poor R wave progression is a vague term and not a diagnosis. Verification of proper leads placement should be the first response followed by echocardiography if there remains concern that there has been prior myocardial injury.

What type of electrical shock is used when an R wave is present in the patient's rhythm?

Precordial shock from the AED

What is heaves in heart assessment?

Heave is a precordial impulse that may be felt (palpated) in patients with cardiac or respiratory disease. Precordial impulses are visible or palpable pulsations of the chest wall, which originate from the heart or the great vessels. You can find various collection of Renownend medicine for Heart Issues @

What types of leads are there in ECG?

chest limb and augmented--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Standard Limb Leads (Bipolar) "Einthoven's Triangle"Lead I: right and left arms (lateral wall)Lead II: right arm and left foot (inferior wall)Lead III: left arm and [usually] foot (inferior wall)- Note that the right arm is always negatively charged and the left foot is always positively chargedAugmented Leads (Unipolar*)aVR: right arm (no specific view)aVL: left arm (lateral wall)aVF: left leg [usually foot] (inferior wall)Precordial "Chest" Leads (Unipolar*)- see link called "precordial 'chest' leads" in related links for diagramV1: 4th intercostal space to right of sternum (septal wall)V2: 4th intercostal space to left of sternum (septal wall)V3: between leads V2 and V4 (anterior wall)V4: 5th intercostal space at midclavicular line (anterior wall)V5: level with V4 at left anterior axillary line (lateral wall)V6: level with V5 at left midaxillary line, directly under midpoint of armpit (lateral wall)* It's important to note that with the unipolar leads, they work assuming that the "center point" is negative and the ends (the actual lead placement) are positive.

What is Aaron sign?

in acute appendicitis, a referred pain or feeling of distress in the epigastrium or precordial region on continuous firm pressure over the McBurney point.

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Can precordial catch syndrome present as right sided pain instead of left?

yes it's just more common to get in on the left side :) I get on the right side

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