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There is no definite answer, but the average for a 300 year-old man is about 28 pounds per day.

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Q: How many pounds of fecal matter do you excrete every day?
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Why does your buttocks stink?

Your buttocks will have odor from the fecal matter you excrete.

What is the function and structure of a cow's anus?

There are many functions and structures in a cows anus. This is to help the animal to excrete waste.

Is urine the only waste product that humans excrete?

No, urine is not the only waste product that humans excrete. Humans also excrete waste solids as fecal matter, and waste gas - primarily carbon dioxide and water vapor.

How much poop can fit in a toilet?

approx. 14.7 pounds of fecal matter can fit in a toilet.

Do hedghogs stink?

Clean a hedgehog cage once a week and its fine

When was Fecal Matter - band - created?

Fecal Matter - band - was created in 1985.

When did Fecal Matter - band - end?

Fecal Matter - band - ended in 1986.

Is fecal matter present in bologna?

There should be no fecal matter present in bologna.

Is fecal matter inorganic?

No, fecal matter has plenty of organic content; it is rife with bacteria.

How many pounds of fecal matter does Matt poop out a day?

1,000,000 tons of fecal matter comes out of matts weiner filled anus everyday of his life after he is done depleting man testicales of their sperm and getting rid of the vasaline and semen in his anus.

What is fecal matter?

Fecal matter is matter contained in or originating from feces aka excrement. Or, in British English: Faecal matter is matter contained in or originating from faeces aka excrement.

What is the passageway of feces?

Fecal matter forms in the intestines, mainly the large intestine. Right before defecation, it is stored in the rectum. Finally, the fecal matter passes out the anus, the muscular opening for passing fecal matter.