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Commercialized bleach or chlorox is actually 100 percent pure concentrate. If you want to prepare 2% bleach in a 100mL container, just pour 2mL of concentrated bleach/chlorox in a graduated cylinder and add 98mL of distilled water or if you want to prepare 5% in a 1,000mL container just pour 5mL of pure concentrate bleach and add 95mL of distilled water.

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Q: How many percent of zonrox bleach in concentration?
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I truly hope that no one is bleaching their feet. The reasons are below. 1) You did not give the concentration (Molarity) of the bleach. 2) Bleach can eat away at skin, no matter the body part. 3) Bleach fumes can cause permanent harm to your health. So please, don't bleach anything but your whites. Thank you.

How many oxygen an hydrogen atoms are in bleach?

Household bleach is an aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite, so it's NaClO in H2O. In order to tell you how many oxygen and hydrogen atoms are in a sample of bleach, I would need some more information like volume and molarity (concentration.)

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bleach stay in your system

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7x/10 (That's 7/10 times x). So if x = 10 gallons, then there are 7 gallons of bleach in the solution. (7gal/10gal = 0.70 = 70%). This answer if correct if the percentage is by volume. Otherwise, the question can not be answered without knowledge of the basis of the percentage.

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The mass of sodium hypochlorite in 2,5 kg solution is 131,25 g.Sodium chloride is only the product of a decomposition.

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