How many people walk to school?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Few people walk to school because there school is too far or its cold or hot outside it all depends on the person

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Q: How many people walk to school?
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If the Africans that go to school how do they travel to get to school?

In Africa many people are poor so they usually walk for miles.

How many people that have pets go to school?

Most people still go to school if they have a pet. e.g. if you had a dog you would walk it after school and you would still feed in in the morning and at night.

How many people were in the long walk?

how many people were in the Navajo Long Walk? 234534 people

Why did black people have to walk to school?

Cause they was niggahs

Why should people walk to school?

It is good for the environment and healthy for you

How many children in the world have to walk a long way to school?

it depends if they want to walk

Is blind people dum?

no they go to blind people school and they can hear very good. they can drive cars and they can walk regular and walk up stars

How do German children travel to school?

German Children travel to school basically the same way we do. They walk, bike take the car but they also take the tram that no many people in the UK do. :)

How do you make people forget embarasing stuff you did?

Tell people that you have a purple bananna and Walk to your shed get a pickaxe walk to school introduce axe to face problem solved

How many people walk in Paris?

About over 500 people and tourist walk all a round Paris.

How do people get to school in Mexico City?

Either car, bus, cab or subway; many people within walking distance usually walk to school. Think of Mexico City as an urban conglomerate just like New York City.

How many people bother to walk now?

The people with feet