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4 million

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Q: How many people live in shanty towns in mumbai?
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What is mumbai shanty towns like?

Mumbia's shanty towns are horrible and that about 40% of people live in them. They have no electricity no running water and no toilets.

How many people in the world live in shanty towns?

Millions of people live in shanty towns with no water and the most little electricity.

How many people live in shanty towns in the world?

Millions of people live in shanty towns with no water and the most little electricity.

What percentage of people in Rio live in shanty towns?


Why do shanty towns grow?

because of the increasing number of people who need a place to live

Why have shanty towns been created?

Because the people who live in them can't afford permanent accommodation.

Why are people attracted to shanty towns?

Because they are interested in the way people live in them and there day to day life also how they survive.

What are houses like in Kenya?

some people live in shanty towns and there are some big modern house there as well

Why are shanty towns found were there found?

Many people are tricked into living in shanty towns as they come from different cities in hope of finding a job .Unfortunatly when they arrive they see there are people in worse off conditions then them .They dont have enough money to go back home as they have used it all to get to the shanty towns.The only way to stay alive is if they stay in the shanty towns and find some possibility of work.

How much does it cost to go to a school in a shanty town?

Usually schools in shanty towns are free to the school children since they live in poor conditions.

What do shanty town people eat?

A shanty town is a place that can be considered a squatters settlement. The dwellings are often made from scraps of wood, metal and plastic. People who live there generally eat whatever they can find. Some shanty towns grow their own vegetable gardens for food.

What is it like to live in a shanty town?

In a shanty town there are lots of handmade houses around. A shanty town is a slum settlement (sometimes illegal or unauthorized) of poorer people than you and I who live in improvised dwellings made from scrap materials: often plywood, corrugated metal, and sheets of plastic. Shanty towns, which are usually built on the periphery of cities, often do not have proper sanitation, electricity, or telephone services.Many places that are considered shanty towns are covered in human and animal waste.There are very few facilities in A Shanty Town. Many people wire their homes directly to the electrical wires and take energy illegally.I hope this helps whether its used for homework or not. :)