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Everyone will get a hangover after drinking enough alcohol. Everybody has a different threshold when it comes to alcohol tolerance.

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Q: How many people get a hangover from alcohol?
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If you have a hangover does that mean there is still alcohol in your system?

No, but there may still be alcohol in your system even with a hangover. The ugly hangover feeling is from waste products from the metabolism of alcohol and from the dehydrating of tissues by the alcohol in the bloodstream.

What characteristic in alcohol causes the typical symptom of the hangover?

Alcohol is a diuretic, and most of the hangover symptoms are caused by dehydration.

Is colourless alcohol worse than ones with colour?

Colorless alcohol is less likely to lead to hangover in some people.

Does ice cause a hangover?

No. Drinking too much alcohol causes a hangover.

What happens during an alcohol hangover?

The side effects of an alcohol hangover include nausea, impaired mental function, fatigue, and diarrhea.

Is it possible to have a hangover without sleeping?

Certainly. The hangover is a result of dehydration and various items and chemicals that are in the alcohol.

Good for a hangover milk weed thisle?

More alcohol will cure the hangover.. say a half of a beer.

Which is the only way a person can be sure to prevent a hangover?

The best way to avoid and prevent a bad hangover is to limit alcohol consumption. If you have an occasion that alcohol will be consumed in great quantities, the best way to avoid a hangover (which is caused by dehydration) is to consume plenty of water with the alcoholic beverages.

Can you get a hangover from anything other than alcohol?

Too much caffeine makes your heart race, your stomach churn, and your head ache. You get nauseated and jittery. It is not really a hangover, because caffeine is not as poisonous as alcohol is, but it is certainly an unpleasant feeling.

Will you get a hangover from drinking brandy?

sometimes you will. all alcohol will have different effects on different people. it depends on how much you drink nornally

How can hangover be prevented?

Hangover may be prevented by limiting the intake of alcohol, or drinking alcoholic beverages with a lesser incidence of causing hangover such as gin, vodka, or pure ethanol.

Why does Benadryl give a hangover?

Benadryl causes a hangover from dehydration, just like alcohol. Drink plenty of water before bed and the hangover effect will be drastically reduced