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Disease is the most common cause of death worldwide. The WHO, World Health Organization, list the top diseases in the world with heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, respiratory infections, HIV/AIDS, and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) as the top five.

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All I can say is that there is alot of people with diseases around about 2-3 million

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There are about 7 Billion people on Earth,,,it is possible that every single one has some genetic abnormality.

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Q: How many people die by Diseases?
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What happens to People with diabetes pneumonia and tuberculosis?

i donno but with that many diseases you will die

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Some people have diseases which indicate they might die at a young age, but many of these people live much longer than they are expected to. Some get life threatening diseases at a young age, but not all die, so no one can know when they will die or if they will die young.

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Many, many people die from smoking and related diseases every day.

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it is me

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1.5 million people in the us die every year from cardiovascular diseases each year

How many people currently die from smoking related diseases in china a year?

1.2 million total. 50,000 of those die of secondhand.

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In total of 14+ millions, Mainly from gassing, shootings, starvation, diseases and beatings

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Approximately half of all deaths are related to cardiopulmonary diseases.