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To eliminate some people "claiming" that they were born in the 1800s, first let me show you some of them (below), and what their ages really turned out to be.

Terms to know:

  • supercentenarian - 110 years of age or older
  • validated - make or declare legally valid (age is really true)
False cases
  • Hundreds of people claim they lived to be 115 years old or more. All of them are probably false! Here are a few well known:

MODEL: Rank. Name - age claimed (correct age)

  1. Joice Heth - 161 (≈80)
  2. Zaro Aga - 157 (97)
  3. Thomas Parr - 152 (≥70)
  4. Charlie Smith - 137 (100)
  5. Annibal Camoux - 121 (90)
  6. Shigechiyo Izumi - 120 (105)
  7. Walter Williams - 117 (105)
  8. Pawel Parniak - 116 (111)
  9. Carrie C. White - 116 (102)

*Izumi's age was ORIGINALLY validated.

*White's age was ORIGINALLY validated.

True cases; oldest people ever

  • One documented person lived to be 120 or older. Excluding Izumi, White, and one more person, 26 people lived to be 115 or older (out of over one hundred claimants saying that they are 115+).

MODEL: Rank. Name - correct age

1. Jeanne Calment - 122

2. Sarah Knauss - 119

3. Lucy Hannah - 117

4. Marie-Louise Meilleur - 117

5. María Capovilla - 116

*Hannah claimed to be 118.

My summaryIf somebody says they are 115 or older out of no where, and there claim hasn't been looked into by proffesionals (eg. gerontologists), or have been doubted through research, chances are they are lying and just want media attention. Don't believe people "CLAIMING" to be 115+.

Total estimated 1800 survivors

**137 people are living from the 1800s. 128 are female, and 9 are male.**

Important mentions:

-Oldest living person: Kama Chinen (born 10 May 1895) of Japan

-Oldest living man: Walter Breuning (born 21 September 1896) of USA

References (100% credit to Gerontology Research Group (GRG))

*Oldest people ever:

*False claims list:

*Longevity claims (no dispute yet):

*My page of survivors I compiled:

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Q: How many people born in 1800s are alive today?
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