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20,000,000,000,000 people

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Q: How many people bite their nails?
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What is part of the bodies do people bite?


Why must not people eat nails?

People must not eat nails because your nails are attached to your fingers and It is likely that if you bite your nails you will bite too far and rip your nail from your finger. We all know how much that will hurt.

Does paget brewster bite her nails?

yeah she does bite her nails

Could you say you are eating yourself if you bite your nails?

AnswerWhen you bite your nails, normally you would not bite off the nail and then swallow it. Biting your nails is a habit that a lot of people have, including me. It can be harmful to your teeth and nails, but no this would not be considered eating yourself. Don't worry, your not a cannibal.Also if you chew your nails you can rip off skin. That happened to me last night I have not chew my nails since

Does Emily osment bite her nails?

Probaly, I bite my nails too. As a matter in fact, everyone bites their nails, she might or might not.

Does Jake T Austin bite his nails?

Jake t Austin doesn't bite his nails

Why do people eat when there worried?

They cling to a thing of comfort, some people bite nails others eat food.

Name a bad habit some people have when they are stressed?

Bite nails, smoking, eating, yelling

Why wont your nails grow?

Well, usually nails grow 1/8 of an inch every month. Unless you have a medical problem, they do grow. Most people bite their nails, peel them, rip them, or the nails naturally peel off. This is why most people do not get to see the actual results of their nails. So, check some of these things, because people sometime unknowingly bite their nails. If not check more sites and then if it is a big problem you may be able to go to the doctors. (Please do not change first answer.)

Do people eat human flesh?

Well yes, if say you are board and one habit is too bite your nails and also it is a habit to bite your skin around your fingernails. Sounds sick but this is just the same as biting your nails.

How can my nails grow?

dont bite them

What habbit do you have?

Me? i bite my finger nails.