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lol answers sucks

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Q: How many people are double jointed?
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How many people in the US are double jointed?

How many people are double jointed in the U.S?

Is Britney Spears double jointed?

Everyone in the world is double jointed not many people know that

What culture is usually double jointed?

Usually people that are Asian, or come from Asia, are double jointed. But still, it's possible to have someone that is not Asian be double jointed?

What can double jointed people do?

they can do did unique things

Is double jointed a thing?

It all depends, double jointed isn't a bad thing nor a good thing its just something people are.

Is being double jointed gross?

Not necessarily. Although non-double-jointed people find the flexibility of double-jointed people appalling, it is a natural occurrence. It is just an ability that you were born with that others don't have, and since others don't have it, they find anything that they don't have appalling and 'gross'. Thus, being double-jointed is not gross, but a rather useful asset.

Is there such thing as doubble jointed?

There is such thing as double jointed. The term double jointed is often used to describe someone with hypermobility. This allows the body to move in ways that are usually not normal for most people.

Is double jointed a good thing?

It all depends, double jointed isn't a bad thing nor a good thing its just something people are.

Can a infant be double jointed?

I was born double-jointed, or hypermobile, which is the specific and correct term that your doctor will use. (It also can be called hyperlaxity). It is possible to be hypermobile as an infant because people don't just suddenly become double-jointed. Hope this helped you!!!

Are double jointed people less likely to suffer a dislocation than other people?

No. In fact, "double jointed" means that they have more lax ligaments, allowing for increased flexibility, so they have more dislocations.

Is it bad to be double jointed?

nope im double jointed in all my fingers and i can do and its cool

Is Chris Brown double-jointed?

in some places