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Q: How many patients did Jack Kevorkian assist?
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What's the number of the list of patients Jack Kevorkian helped die?

If you are asking how many people he helped commit suicide, that would be hard to determine. It is possible he helped people who did not wish it to be known; However, on record he killed 130 patients Jack Kevorkian killed, but to better be known as, he helped people that were suffering and didnt want to live on their own will.

Which gas is used to assist the breathing of many patients in hospitals?

Oxygen is used in order to assist the breathing of many patients

How many people did dr kevorkian kill?

Dr. Kevorkian assisted 130 people with suicide. He was sentenced 10-25 years in prision nut got out after 8 for good behavior.

How many people have been charged for helping a person kill themselves?

There may be other examples, but the most notable individual is Dr. Jack Kevorkian who is a proponent of Euthenasia and has been prosecuted on several occasions. (OR - depending on your point of veiw PERSECUTED on several occasions.)

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