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There's the circulatory, nervous, skeletal,muscular,endocrine, I forgot the name of the skin one, respiratory, digestive, excretory...

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Q: How many organ systems are in your bodies?
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How does the term division of labor apply to the organ systems of the bodies of multicellular organisms?

Organ Systems Apply Differently To The Bodies Of Multicellular organisms

What is a sentence using the word organ system?

All bodies have multiple organs. So, all bodies have organ systems.

Flatworms have flat bodies but no true organ systems?


How do cells work to make bodies?

cells make tissue..tissue makes organs..organs make organ systems..and organ systems make organisms..we are the organism..

How many organ systems do you have?

There are 78 organs in the human body.

Which of the following is a difference between neurons and cells from other organ systems?

neurons have nissl bodies

Is flower a organ?

It is not an organ as it is made of many organs and systems.

What organ controls are bodies?

How many organ systems and body areas are involved in a comprehensive exam?

8 or more of the 12 organ systems.

What is the correct sequence of levels of organization in the body?

Starting with the lowest level: cell ---> many cells make a tissue---> many tissues make an organ-----> many organs make an organ system -----> many organ systems make an organism.

How many organ systems are in a mammal?


How many organ systems for an animal?