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I don't know, but the most i have drinkin a day was 5, and i am 13 years old. so hopefully i wont die.

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Q: How many monsters does it take to kill you in a day?
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How many monsters should you have in one day?

average people drink about 4 or 5 monsters a day

How long does the dragon fruit take on moshi monsters?

well it takes a day

How do you get coins in AQWorlds?

Kill monsters do quests or type /join ballyoo to get free coins but you can get limited coins per day.

How long does it take to breed a Spungee in your Singing Monsters?

It takes 12 hours of half a day

What is the coad of the day in Moshi Monsters?

There isn't a code of the day on Moshi Monsters.

Moshi monsters does it really take 1 day day to get a moshline?

yes if you put the right flowers down then the moshling should be there the next day.

What is the amount of monsters energy drinks to kill somebody?

One a day should do the trick! :) We haven't seen the long term effects, but with the sugar levels and chemical mix, it'll kill ya.

How do you subscribe on Moshi Monsters?

it is impossible to do it in one day, it will take several days to subscribe to the magizene. sorry...

How long does it take to hatch Ghazt in your Singing Monsters?

It takes 1 day and 12 hours of 1 day and a half to hatch a Ghazt

How many rox a day can you get on moshi monsters?

It depends whether or not you are a member and what your monster's level is.

How do get 2k on runescape in 1 day?

first find a place with a lot of monsters that you can kill quickly then kill them collect their bones and sell a whole inventory of them and then whamo youll have like 2221gp! or somewhere around there but i do know that that does it

Where do you get a 3 day Moshi Monsters membership?

You can get a 3 day Moshi Monsters membership card from a friend who buys a Moshi Monsters Gift Pack.