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One ampule of adrenaline contains one milligram. Not to be used the same in one stroke. In anaphylactic shock you need to give half ampule intramuscular and half as subcutaneous dose, if needed. When you give one ampule intramuscular, patient get severe chest pain. To be used very cautiously in elderly patient.

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Q: How many milligrams of epinephrine in 1 unit?
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What is epinephrine's density?

This depends on how the epinephrine is packaged as a medication. The two most common dilutions of epinephrine are 1:1,000 and 1:10,000, but this is not the density. Density: Epinephrine that is 1:1,000 has a density of 1mg/ml. Epinephrine that is 1:10,000 has a density of 0.1mg/ml. (Density = mass/volume) (Here the mass is in milligrams and the volume in milliliters.) -Chemistry!

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