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Q: How many milk teeth do you lose?
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How many teeth does a child lose?

They loose all of their teeth than they becom adults teeth idn how many though

What stage of life do kids loose most of their teeth?

They lose their milk teeth during childhood.

When do English bulldogs lose their teeth?

Bulldog puppies start to lose their "milk teeth" or puppy teeth around 4-5 months. They should have their adult teeth by the end of the 8 month.

Do Horses lose their milk teeth after their first 5 years?

By 5 horses have their adult dentition...starting at 2 they begin replacing their milk teeth.

How many milk teeth in man?

A man do not have milk teeth. A child have them.

How many teeth will you lose after you have gotten your adult set of teeth?

You will lose none because that is your last set of teeth and you better not lose them.

What teeth do puppies lose first?

Puppies usually lose their incisors first, followed by their premolars, and then their molars. The process typically begins around 3-4 months of age and continues until about 6 months old when their adult teeth have fully erupted.

Can milk cause cavities?

yes milk can cause cavities. even if you don't have cavities when your younger you will have them when you older or you will lose your teeth.

How many teeth fall from human mouth?

Most commonly all 20 milk/baby teeth. However some people lose less and they fall when they are much older which people mistaken as third generation teeth

Are there 27 teeth in a kids mouth?

Maybe, maybe not. kids grow and lose teeth. Answer... A child normally has 20 milk teeth. See related link...

Do dogs lose teeth at 3 years old?

When growing up, dogs will lose all their puppy teeth before they are 10 months old. By this time, all adult teeth will have grown. If older dogs lose their teeth it is for some other medical problem.

How many milk teeth do children get?

you have 20 milk teeth in total 10 in each rowA normal human has 20 teeth which they loose through their childhood